Weight Loss Tip #1: You Need to Change Your Lifestyle!

In this blog post I will be talking to you guys about something very important.

In my opinion, this is probably the most important thing you need to know about losing weight.

If there’s any post I want you to read – it’s this one. You see, most people look for a quick solution when it comes to losing weight.

Losing weight is not hard – except it is

When they see an advertisement online for a new juice or a new diet – they easily get hooked simply because they believe it’s going to be a quick and seamless journey.

The reality is different – you can’t just go for the quick fix solutions and expect them to last a lifetime. When I say I know everything about losing weight I mean everything.

So, what’s the most important thing?

I’ve gone through all the different stages and if it was one thing that actually contributed to me losing weight it was changing my lifestyle – because when people want to lose weight they often try to go on a diet or just start exercising for a bit.

Some people even do both, but the big problem with doing that is that it does not address the real problem.

If you exercise four times per week and drink healthy juices but still stuff your face with buffalo wings – you’re still in trouble and haven’t addressed the real problem.

How does one address the real problem?

If you get a subscription to the gym and start going on a diet for three months, you’ll probably see weight getting lost but in the long run you’ll be getting that back in no-time simply because your mindset is to be on a diet for three months.

What you need to do is to commit to a permanent lifestyle change Рa change so big that it lasts much, much longer than just 3 months.

In my opinion – and I know this is going to sound scary! – you need to commit to a lifestyle change for the rest of your life.

The real weight loss starts when you change your lifestyle.

The way to solve the problem you see in life is to live in a way that will make what is problematic disappear, and like I said – going to the gym while still stuffing your face with buffalo wings is not a long-term solution. It might feel good now but it’s not going to work in your favor in the long run.

Any tips for beginners?

Now I know what it’s like being fat. I remember looking at myself in the mirror – all I really wanted to see was a thinner person – I didn’t want to go through all the hard work of actually committing to a lifestyle change.

Looking back – that was definitely¬†the most important part of my weight loss journey. What helped me out immensely in committing to a lifestyle change was something called intermittent fasting which I’ve written a post about. You should definitely check that out if you’re looking to shed some weight rather quickly.

Moving forward I will be posting more tips so make sure you subscribe to my blog by entering your email address in my sidebar.

Committing to a lifestyle change is never easy – but it is the number one thing you need to make in order lose weight. Period.

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2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tip #1: You Need to Change Your Lifestyle!

  1. Can you speak more about what it means to commit one’s self to a lifestyle change? What is the difference between choosing to make a change and committing to make a change?

    • That’s a good question, Bill! To sum it all up in one sentence: when your life changes – your shape changes.

      By choosing to make a lifestyle change every single day you start to form a habit. The motivation is what gets you started – the habit is what keeps you going. Good luck!

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