Eat Stop Eat Review – Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Today I will be reviewing a book that I poked on briefly in my popular post about fasting. It’s a very interesting book that helps you lose weight in a new and innovative way. This is not how to lose weight the regular way – this is a much more compelling approach if you ask me.

The book I will be reviewing is named Eat Stop Eat and it brings up a very interesting concept when it comes to weight loss – namely intermittent fasting.

The background of Eat Stop Eat

The creator of Eat Stop Eat is Brad Pilon – he’s one of the first people who made the intermittent fasting craze popular. He’s one of the big reasons as to why this has become a thing on the web and this is simply my review of this great product of his.

Keep in mind – I would never review a product that I couldn’t vouch for myself and this is a product that I really believe in and keep in high regard simply because it worked for me.

I’ll go through every single detail below.

How does Eat Stop Eat work?

Now the two big questions you’re wondering about are probably how does this work and how come it works so well? What about the regular approach of losing weight and how come this works so much better?

It’s simple – and only contains four simple steps.

  1. Fast for 24 hours.
  2. Eat regularly for 48 hours.
  3. Fast for yet another 24 hours.
  4. Rinse and repeat! ­čÖé

There are many variations to this intermittent fasting lifestyle but this is just the gist of how this “diet” works – and let me tell you – it’s amazing!

Why does Eat Stop Eat work so well?

Another big question is why does it work so well?

There’s a plethora of reasons for that. There’s a simple way for me to explain it to you guys and there’s a more scientific version. You pick which one is more important for you or you can read both.

The simple explanation is that when your body has no energy it goes for your stored fat reserves.

The reason you’re on this blog in the first place is probably because you have a bit of excess fat. If you fast for too long it’ll eventually go after your muscle mass and that is obviously not what you’re after.

You just want to lose weight. The book will tell you how long is too long to fast and how short is too short – this is really all you need to know in order to be able to lose weight using the Eat Stop Eat program.

Any real life examples?

So to give you guys an example: let’s say you fast for 24 hours. When you fast for this long your body wants and craves nutrients and energy so it naturally uses your stored fat reserves thus resulting in fat loss without doing anything – really.

This is not starving yourself because you’re going to be eating for the next 48 hours but by not eating for 24 hours your force your body to make use of your naturally stored fat reserves.

But what about all the calories, Adam?

Another logical explanation is the following:┬álet’s say you eat 3000 calories per day.

If you’ve been fasting for 24 hours that is zero calories you had that day. Zero – and if you look at it from a weekly or monthly perspective – accounting for the fact that you’re fasting two times per week – that would be 2 zero calorie days. Get it?

So to give you guys an example for a typical person, a regular week would look like this: 2000 calories a day for 7 days equals 14000 calories per week.

Now – a typical intermittent fasting diet would look like this: 2 zero calorie days plus five 2,000 calorie days equals 10,000 calories.

If you divide 10000 by 7 you get your average daily calorie intake – that amounts to 1429 calories per day.

That’s less than going on a diet of 1,500 calories and not only that – it is way, way easier. The very best thing about this is that you can eat regular food! You can eat just like you have been all the time as long as you stick to the intermittent fasting program.

So not only are you burning fat because your body is going after your fat reserves in a fasted state – you’re also going to end up eating less on a weekly basis.

Double whammy fat loss! This is what they call a win-win situation.

This way of living is also called the 5:2 diet this is an infamous diet in the United Kingdom and has become widely used by people all over the world simply because it’s so easy to follow.

Is it healthy and safe to be fasting?

In the next paragraph I will be referring to some stuff from the actual Eat Stop Eat book.

Let’s take a look at fasting from an evolutionary standpoint. Say for example it’s 30000 years B.C. in times when we literally had to hunt, fish or gather for food.

Let’s say a hunter catches a huge animal, picks all the berries of the forest and shares it with his tribe and family to eat. They make sure to eat all of it in one day because at the time they didn’t know of good ways to preserve meat.

When the meat is gone and there’s no more berries to pick in the forest the tribe really has no other choice but to move on and search for more fresh food. This essentially means they were probably in a fasted state for as long as their next meal was getting hunted.

Based on this I think it seems pretty logical to say that this was the way our bodies were designed to function. Now, let’s take a look at society in 2017 where there’s literally food everywhere and anywhere in a first world country.

We literally eat so much, so frequently that our bodies have stored fat for us to use later on.

What’s the science behind this?

Now, for the scientific part I won’t be going into all the scientific facts of the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle but I’ll make sure to explain a few of them briefly.

High insulin levels are not good for you because one you’re in a high insulin level of state your body is in store fat storage mode. This means you will be unable to release fat from your fat reserves. To put it simply: when your insulin levels are high your fat is going nowhere.

Studies have shown that fasting for even as little as 24 hours reduces insulin level drastically.

The following are some of the major health benefits you can expect from committing to an intermittent fasting lifestyle:

  • decrease in body fat and body weight
  • maintenance of skeletal muscle mass
  • decreased blood glucose levels
  • decreased insulin levels and increased insulin sensitivity
  • increase in the growth hormone levels
  • less food-related stress
  • …and much much more!

The very best thing for you to do is something I’ve mentioned a couple of times in my blog so far – and ┬áthat is to commit to a lifestyle change. The Eat Stop Eat is exactly that.

So what exactly is Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat is not a diet – it is a lifestyle.

Any tips for first-timers?

The first time I tried the Eat Stop Eat program I must admit I got a bit hungry but I quickly forgot about it. My best tips once you start out fasting is to do stuff. This is crucial.

I suggest you go out with friends a lot – just don’t eat! Start writing and reading more.

Watch more movies – and to be honest – you’ll probably be a bit tired the first time you do this anyway – so make sure you sleep a bit more.

Simply let the hours fade away slowly but surely when fasting.

Do whatever you have to do to get your mind off food.

It really isn’t much harder than that and it’s much much better than eating a thousand calories per day for months on end where you eat but are still hungry. That’s quite possibly the worst thing you could do to your body.

So Adam, how do I start using the Eat Stop Eat program?

You can download the book on the official website.

It only cost you 10 bucks and I promise you it will be the best 10 bucks you ever spent on a book.

That’s it for now – good luck on your journey and welcome to the easiest weight loss lifestyle in the world!

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